The CCSSC has two forms of membership, individuals and companies.

Individuals – If you’re an individual¬†who is willing to pledge that when possible you will support companies that provide back to their communities, all you need to do is fill out the application and pay your dues. The dues are $30/year and help support the administration of the CCSSC.

Companies – If you’re the decision maker of a company and would like to join the CCSSC you need to meet the following requirements. (1) The company needs to help the communities that they serve in a quantifiable and verifiable manner. (2) The help must equate to at least 1% of the companies gross profit. (3) They must pay their dues which are $100/year that help support the administration of the CCSSC.

Anyone interested in joining should fill out the relevant applications listed below.

Join as an individual.

Join as a company.