First of all, thank you very much for visiting our web page and taking a moment to look around. CCSSC is a not for profit organization that has two main objectives.

  • Promote the ideas and belief that all companies, no matter their size, should pledge to make a social contract with the communities they serve.
  • To find and recognize companies that are doing good in their communities.

It’s as simple as that. We believe that we shouldn’t rely on government or individuals to better our communities, but rather encourage companies to donate resources and organize campaigns that will be benefit the general public.

Small businesses sometimes get caught up in the cycle of trying to increase their bottom line without realizing that even small donations of resources can make a large difference in their community. We believe that by giving back and helping to better your community, businesses deserve some recognition in addition to the good karma.

We have several platforms both online and offline to help provide these businesses with the recognition they deserve. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to help reward businesses that give back to their communities and we encourage any one visiting our website to get in contact with us if they have new ideas.